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One of the best and funniest ways I’ve heard geocaching described is: “Using multi-million dollar military satellites to find Tupperware in the woods”. If you’re not familiar with the sport of geocaching check out

I started geocaching back in April (the 29th to be exact) of this year as a way to get outside and spend more time with my family. So far we really enjoy it. The screen name we use on is, you guessed it, TechBlazer.

This past weekend the family and I attended our first geocaching event in Sheffield, Alabama. It was nice to see the faces behind the names that we’ve been seeing in the cache logs and on the website. Not long after we got there, a large storm cloud rolled in and dropped a bunch of rain on us. Luckily we were under a pavilion and didn’t get too wet. Except for Josh. I think he thought is was a water park. He enjoyed playing in the rain so much it was hard to make him stop.

During the event there were several temporary event caches. And guess what, Team TechBlazer found the first two. Holly found the first one without using a GPSr. It was a rock with a hole drilled in the bottom and a small pill bottle called a bison tube was hidden inside. Tyler found the second one. It was also a bison tube too, but it was hidden under some rocks. We went looking for the third cache but someone had found it before the coordinates were even handed out. I think there were a few more event caches but we had to leave early because Josh was so wet and starting to get cold from the rain. Yes cold. Sort of funny since we’ve been having such hot weather lately to get cold from rain, but he was soaked.

My only regret from the event is that I didn’t get to talk more to some of the veteran cachers. I’m sure there will be more events and chances to chat with them then.

Yesterday evening after work I met Holly and boys at a local walking trail and we set off to find some caches. We found a total of 10 caches yesterday. That gives us a total of 80 caches found so far. Our goal is to have a total of at least 100 caches and at least one find in Tennessee by the end of August. So far so good.