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Gary Nichols Signed & Played My Guitar

A friend recently finished construction on his new house and threw a housewarming party to celebrate. The highlight of the party was a live show by country music singer Gary Nichols. It’s not everyday that I get to meet a country music star, so I was pretty excited to hear that Gary Nichols was going to be there.

Gary Nichols, taken with my Nokia 6103 phoneOften a singer’s “radio voice” is much better than their “live voice”, but that wasn’t the case with Gary Nichols. His voice and energy was top quality, and that was his third gig that day too. He played some really good songs, but unfortunately my wife, Holly, and I had to leave before he got to play any of his radio stuff. However, he did play one song, I think the title was “Listen to the Wind”, in which he wrote in just a few minutes while at the beach with some friends. I have a feeling that when he releases it, there will be a torrent of buzz and it will become a hit. As he sang it, the room became more and more quite, and soon it seemed that everyone was frozen in place and hanging onto every word.

My guitar signed by Gary NicholsThe highlight of the evening had to be when I asked Gary if he would sign my guitar and he said that would be honored to do so. Gary said he had a tradition that whenever someone asks to sign their guitar that he would first play a little tune on it and then write “I played this guitar on (whatever date)”. My guitar, an acoustic Espanola, was a gift from my Uncle Rick and I have been an aspiring beginner for sometime now, but that’s a story for another time. Gary said that he really liked the tobacco leaf sunburst finish and said that my guitar had a really good sound.

You can get more info and hear some previews of Gary’s music at and Gary Nichols’ Official Label Page. As of the writing of this article you can get three of his singles, Unbroken Ground, I Can’t Love You Anymore, and Going Fast at the iTunes music store.