Geocaching Log Sheets

This is the fifth article in a ongoing series titled, “TWiG – This Week in Geocaching”. With each article I hope to highlight my personal geocaching treks and comment on anything that I find of interest that’s going on in the world of geocaching (i.e. geocaching related websites, forum posts, blogs, podcasts, etc.).

Discovering New Places

One of best things I like about geocaching is getting outdoors and discovering new places. This April will mark 10 years that I have lived in Northwest Alabama. I can honestly say I have seen more of North Alabama since I started geocaching (less than a year ago) than in the entire 10 years I have lived here.

The following quote is from and conveys a lot of how I feel:

Geocaching offers so much more than the thrill of the search for hidden treasure with high-tech gadgets. Each adventure carries along with it so many possibilities such as: developing new friendships, spending more time together as families, discovering new places you may have never found on your own, conquering physical limitations and the challenge to achieve, get active and explore more of the world. We hope everyone can find a love for geocaching like we have — and realize that this is not only a relatively inexpensive sport, but one that keeps evolving and is new and exciting every time.

Time to Go Caching

It’s really amazing (and a little scary) how fast time can seem to pass by, especially the older I become. These last few weeks have been like a blur for me because of my job. I’ve been leaving the office feeling mentally and physically drained, only to find myself spending another hour or two working at home (on my own time). However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The project should be complete this week and hopefully things will get back to normal, and I’ll get to take my boys out for some geocaching.

Geocaching in the News

State joins geocaching game, offers prizes

Embracing the fast-growing hobby of geocaching, the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism kicked off its “Cache in with The Natural State” program this month. The first cache is hidden in northwest Arkansas at the co-ordinates N36 19.108, W093 58.128.

Spreading Firefox with Geocaching

I’ve been doing Geocaching for a few weeks now. It’s a fun and interesting activity … sort of like a high tech Easter egg hunt. One of the things about it, is folks can leave trinkets and small items behind for others to take when the next person finds the “hidden treasure”.

This got me thinking about something like a Firefox Geocoin or even a small Firefox button which could be produced and sold for Firefox Geocachers to leave behind for others to find. Kind of a different and unusual way to spread the word.

Geocacher expresses regret over leaving box behind Shaw’s

Charles Lord never imagined his duct taping a metallic box the size of an Altoids tin to an electrical panel behind the Shaw’s supermarket on Lafayette Road would cause such a fuss.


One of my goals with this series of articles is to help keep me in the caching spirit and to remind me how much fun is involved with geocaching. I always appreciate comments and suggestions, so feel free to leave them here or send me an email. Have a great week and happy caching!