Geocaching Log Sheets

This Week in Geocaching, or TWiG for short, is an on going series of articles where I highlight my personal geocaching treks and anything else that I find of interest in the world of geocaching.

Don’t Miss Another Geocaching Event

The past couple of months have been pretty busy for me and has left very little time for geocaching. However I was really surprised and disappointed when I logged on to and saw that the 2nd Annual Shoals Summer Meet Greet n’ Eat had taken place the day prior. I had to work that day and wouldn’t have been able to stay for the entire event, but I would have liked to just stop and say hi to some of my fellow geocachers.

In order to prevent this from happening again I decided to set up a special Pocket Query containing only Event Caches to help remind me of upcoming events. To do this I entered the following on the create a Pocket Query page:

  • Query Name: Event Caches
  • Days to Generate: Monday
  • Choose how often your query should run: Run this query every week on the days checked
  • Show me: 500 caches
  • Of: Selected Types, Event Cache, Any container
  • That: I haven’t found
  • From Origin: My Home Coordinates
  • Within radius of: 100 miles

This Event Cache only Pocket Query helps me quickly identify Event Caches and is in addition to my other Pocket Queries. So now every Monday I get a Pocket Query of all of the event caches within 100 miles of my home coordinates. Hopefully now I will not miss another geocaching event so close to home.