Geocaching Log Sheets

Geocache Christmas OrnamentI got an early Christmas present last week, a Geocache Christmas Ornament that was handmade by my wife Holly. She is so talented with sewing, quilting, and crafts. I am always so impressed with the things she makes.

Last month I put my name in for PodCacher Secret Santa 2007. It’s like regular Secret Santa, except that the gifts must be geocaching related. I thought it would be nice to get a Christmas ornament that was related to geocaching. We searched several different stores and didn’t find any ornaments that were even close to being geocaching related. We saw very few outdoor themed Christmas ornaments. Most of those were either hunting or fishing related ornaments. We didn’t find any hiking themed Christmas ornaments either. I called the local Hallmark Gold Crown store and the lady there said that they don’t even carry outdoor or hiking related Christmas ornaments other than a few hunting and fishing ornaments.

Holly has been making some nine patch Christmas ornaments for friends and family, so I jokingly suggested that she make a geocaching Christmas ornament that looked like the logo for my Secret Santa partner. When I came home from work the other day Holly had made two geocaching Christmas ornaments, one for my Secret Santa partner and one for me. It turned out really nice and I like it a lot. The logo is hand drawn. I included one in a card, along with a gift, and sent it off via UPS to my Secret Santa partner.

GPS Christmas Ornament

My First Geocache Trade Item – A GPS Christmas Ornament

On my first day of geocaching I came across a cache (Walk Along The Canal – GCV3Y4) that contained a GPS Christmas ornament. We didn’t really know what to expect on our first day of geocaching and didn’t bring along any trade items, but I thought that the GPS Christmas ornament would make a great way to commemorate our first day of geocaching. So I took the GPS Christmas ornament and left my pocket knife. This was my very first geocache trade item. Now every year when we put it on the tree I am reminded of my first day of geocaching with my kids.

And now a new memory is created because every year when I put my new geocaching Christmas ornament on the tree not only will I be reminded of the PodCacher Secret Santa, but also how Holly hand made a geocache Christmas ornament just for me (and some random Geocacher that she has never met).

Holly also wrote an article titled “Geocaching Christmas Ornament” on her blog, Fabric Mom’s Quilting Blog, where she explains how the geocache Christmas ornament was made.