Geocaching Log Sheet Bison Tube

A few months ago my free geocache log sheets were mentioned on the PodCacher Podcast, Show 124.0 Geocaching Tips. Since then I have updated the existing bison tube (capsule tube) and magnetic key holder log sheets and have added a few others.

The Geocaching Log Sheet download page now contains the following log sheets:

The updated log sheets have been renamed to “Geocache Log Sheet for Bison Tube” (1.25 inches/3.175cm wide) and “Geocache Log Sheet Magnetic Key Holder” (2.5 inches/6.4cm wide) and have a cleaner and neater look. The Magnetic Key Holder log sheet now has room for 40 signatures on the front. They are both now one page. You can download the “Geocache Log Sheet Reverse Side” to add horizontal lines to the back of the log sheets.

The Geocaching Log Sheet download page also contains a preview of each log sheet.

Now go and download a geocache log sheet, hide a cache, and let’s go geocaching!

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  1. Great logs! Do you have any of the papers to put in with travel bugs and geo coins?

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