Geocaching Log Sheets

I recently had a client who installed ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite over a year ago and used the built-in password protection to keep the settings from getting changed. But now they forgot the ZoneAlarm password, meaning that the program settings cannot be changed or the program cannot be un-installed.

The only way to remove or reset a forgotten ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite password that is forgotten, corrupted, or will not work is to delete the database files associated with TrueVector.

Please note that deleting the associated database files will remove your ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite permissions and Trusted Zone settings.
Follow these steps to reset a forgotten ZoneAlarm password:

1. Shut down the computer.
2. Reboot into Safe Mode.
3. Click “Start” then “My Computer”
4. Go to “C:\Windows\Internet Logs”
5. Delete all files that have the extensions .RDB, .LDB, or .TMP.
6. Empty the Recycle Bin.
7. Reboot the computer

This process will remove the ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite password. You can create a new password or just leave it blank.