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The Scurvy Pirate Travel Bug Dog Tag (TVQ038)
The Scurvy Pirate Travel Bug Dog Tag (TVQ038)

Arrg, the Scurvy Pirate travel bug be on the chopping block, literally.

I picked up this little guy from a cache the other day and was surprised that a pirate with scurvy could smell so minty. He was in a zip-lock bag with a tag that reads: “I’ve been to the Turtle Soup TB Spa – GCYE34 Hosted by: WheresDiB and ~tasia~ Center Point, Alabama”. That must be where he got the minty smell.

The Scurvy Pirate’s mission is to travel through lots of countries, and gain miles going from cache to cache.

This travel bug was released on September 2, 2006 and has traveled 1,650 miles so far.