Geocaching Log Sheets

I enjoy logging travel bugs and geocoins and getting new icons in my profile page. I also like to find out any special meanings or stories behind the travel bug or geocoin and about their goals.

Here’s a neat geocoin with a great purpose: travel the globe spreading diabetes awareness.

WDD 2007 Commemorative Geocoin (TB1ZTCE)
WDD 2007 Commemorative Geocoin (TB1ZTCE)

The World Diabetes Day (WDD) 2007 Geocoins commemorate the passage of UN resolution 61/225 and mark the first UN observed World Diabetes Day. Each WDD 2007 Geocoin aims to draw attention to the 246 million people affected by diabetes worldwide. Its mission is to travel the globe spreading diabetes awareness. For more information visit

This geocoin has been issued to commemorate the First United Nations observed World Diabetes Day on 14 November 2007. Its goal is to travel the world spreading the message of diabetes awareness.

This geocoin was released on November 10, 2007. So far it has traveled 6.5 miles and visited one state: Alabama.