Geocaching Log Sheets

It’s amazing how the older you get the faster time seems to pass by. The past three months have really kept me busy. So busy that I’m several episodes behind on my favorite geocaching podcast, the PodCacher Podcast. However, I did listen to Show 152.0: On the hunt for Love where my geocache log sheets are mentioned.

I have managed to go geocaching a few times in the past three months. A business trip took me to Michigan where I got to log a geocache in another state. I was pleasantly surprised to find a recently placed cache (GC1965H – B.A.M.) that contained a TechBlazer Geocache Log Sheet.

I’ve been reading the comments and it has really motivated me to finish up some new geocaching log sheets that I’ve been working on. I’ve received several requests for some different size log sheets and they will be included in the new batch. I’ve also gotten a couple requests for a Travel Bug log sheet, so it might be included too. If you have any suggestions please send me an email using the contact form. Thanks to everyone who has left a comment.