Geocaching Log Sheets

Here is handy web page that lets you create your own geocache travel bug instruction sheet for free. Simply fill out the online form and print it out.

Have you had a Travel Bug disappear because someone found it and didn’t know what to do with it? Are you planning to send a new Travel Bug out into the world and you don’t want that to happen? We may have the solution for you. It’s no guarantee against loss, but it will help. It is a Travel Bug Instruction Sheet that explains how to properly use your Travel Bug. The sheet will fit in a zip-lock bag with your Travel Bug and best of all, you can make it right now. This sheet was created by Seth!, based on a design and text by Markwell. This page will generate a 6″x6″ sheet, which will fit in a 1 quart ziplock along with your Travel Bug. If you need the sandwich bag size, we have that as well.

Here is what you will need to make your own Travel Bug sheet:

  • A Travel Bug and its serial number.
  • The Travel Bug page ID from for YOUR Travel Bug. If you go to your Travel Bug’s “FOUND It? LOG IT!” page, that will be the numbers after the “ID=”.
  • A name for your Travel Bug.
  • A printer connected to your computer.
  • Optional: A photo of your TB that has been uploaded to your Travel Bug’s page. You may also use one of the images that we have below.

Simply complete the form below, click on the “Make My Sheet” button, and you’ll have a Travel Bug Sheet ready to print. When the new page appears with your Travel Bug Sheet, just click your browser’s print button. You could also save the page as an HTML file for future use. After your sheet is printed, cut out the two pages and paste them back-to-back. You sheet can go in a ziplock bag as-is or you can have it laminated. Enjoy!

Visit Washington State Geocaching Association (WSGA) to Create Your Own Geocache Travel Bug Instruction Sheet.

Here’s another card formatted to be similar to the WSGA card:

This travel bug information sheet is formatted to be similar to the one at the WSGA, which appears to be the same as the one you can get at the Geocaching web site. The main difference is that this one is intended to fit on a double-sided credit-card sized piece of paper, which is easier to laminate and take with bugs that don’t fit inside a plastic baggie easily. Just print, cut, laminate, and you’re set. If you want one for a 5″x5.2″ baggie or a 6″x6″ baggie, I suggest you use the prettier version at WSGA’s Travel Bug Sheet page.

If you intend on laminating the card and attaching it to the item, I would suggest printing out the card, folding it, punch a larger hole in it, and then laminate it. If you punch the card in the paper area after it is laminated, the paper could get wet and destroy the tag. If you are really concerned with that, either pre-punch a larger hole so you have sealed laminate around the paper, or leave a tag of laminate to one side of the card. In the end, you won’t want to have any chance of water getting in direct contact with the paper.

Visit to Create Your Own Geocache Travel Bug Instruction Sheet.

If you find these travel bug instruction sheets useful be sure to let the authors know. Thanks to everyone who creates and shares free geocaching tools and resources!