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I’ve had a LastPass premium subscription for about two years, and I highly recommend it for both its password management and its password security challenge feature.

For those unfamiliar, LastPass is a free password manager that stores your passwords and login information for any website you choose. Your information is encrypted locally and synchronized to your choice of other browsers. LastPass also offers a premium subscription that includes Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and more (with no advertisements).

Now LassPass has announced a new FREE Credit Card Monitoring Service.

In a June 18 blog post they wrote:

We now offer free credit monitoring alerts for users in the United States to help you more proactively protect your identity and personal data. Without impacting your credit scores, you can create a form fill profile and enable the free credit monitoring option.

If any changes are detected that could affect your credit report, such as suspected fraud or changes to your personal account information, you will receive a notification issued from TransUnion that something has happened.

The service features a free and a Premium version, the latter offering additional features for $9.95 per month.

I’ve already signed up for the free version. Visit these links for more info:

Blog post:

Help Desk for LastPass Credit Monitoring:

How to create or update a form fill profile and enable the free credit monitoring option:

Download the free LastPass Password Manager: