Geocaching Log Sheets

Productive! Magazine Free Inaugural Issue

Productive! magazine is a new digital magazine that covers all things GTD and the premier issue is jam-packed with good articles about productivity boosters, a David Allen interview, and great tips from organizational gurus like Leo Babauta of the Zen to Done blog. Productive! Magazine [via Lifehacker]

Geocaching Log Sheets for 35mm Film Canisters

I have added a couple new geocache log sheets for 35mm film canisters. This has been one of the most requested size log sheets, so here it is. This log sheet is 1.5 inches (3.81cm) wide and should fit in a variety of film canisters. It is available with either a color or black […]

Create A Geocache Travel Bug Instruction Sheet

Here is handy web page that lets you create your own geocache travel bug instruction sheet for free. Simply fill out the online form and print it out. Have you had a Travel Bug disappear because someone found it and didn’t know what to do with it? Are you planning to send a new Travel […]

Play Classic 8-bit Nintendo Games Online is a great place to play classic 8-bit Nintendo games online. Best of all the site is 100% free! Check out for more free classic 8-bit Nintendo games. They have arranged games in the following categories: action, adventure, arcade, flight, japanese, platform, puzzle, racing, rpg, shootem up, sports, strategy, all, and a top […]

Geocaching Log Sheets New and Updated

A few months ago my free geocache log sheets were mentioned on the PodCacher Podcast, Show 124.0 Geocaching Tips. Since then I have updated the existing bison tube (capsule tube) and magnetic key holder log sheets and have added a few others. The Geocaching Log Sheet download page now contains the following log sheets: Geocache […]

Download Free Printable Geocache Log Sheets

In a previous article, TWiG – This Week in Geocaching – My First Hide, I posted a link to a geocache log sheet that I made because I couldn’t find one that I liked. Since then I’ve made another size log sheet and have made them both available for download. The Geocache Micro Log Sheet […]

TWiG – This Week in Geocaching – My First Hide

This is the tenth article in a ongoing series titled, “TWiG – This Week in Geocaching”. With each article I hope to highlight my personal geocaching treks and comment on anything that I find of interest that’s going on in the world of geocaching (i.e. geocaching related websites, forum posts, blogs, podcasts, etc.). My First […]

Free Video Games

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of playing video games with my friends, mainly Paul and Jason. One of my favorite NES games is The Legend of Zelda. I couldn’t begin to count the number of hours that I’ve spent playing and replaying the Zelda series of both the NES and the SNES. While […]

Free and Open Source Software

Believe it or not, there are hundreds, even thousands, of free and open source software programs (FOSS for short) available to download on the Internet. I am a big proponent of FOSS. Many FOSS programs are on par or superior to their commercial equivalent. FOSS is great not just because of the cost, but also […]