Geocaching Log Sheets

First to Find – GC1DGWE Hall Memorial Garden

This morning I got my 10th First to Find (FTF) while on the way to work. The cache was GC1DGWE Hall Memorial Garden by Rubicon Cacher. This geocache log sheet looks familar. This is the second time I’ve got to sign a TechBlazer Geocache Log Sheet in a cache. Download geocache log sheets here.

TWiG – This Week in Geocaching – Happy New Year FTF

This is the four article in a weekly series titled, “TWiG – This Week in Geocaching”. Each week I hope to highlight my personal geocaching treks and comment on anything that I find of interest that’s going on in the world of geocaching (i.e. geocaching related websites, forum posts, blogs, podcasts, etc.). Cache Log I […]