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Productive! Magazine Free Inaugural Issue

Productive! magazine is a new digital magazine that covers all things GTD and the premier issue is jam-packed with good articles about productivity boosters, a David Allen interview, and great tips from organizational gurus like Leo Babauta of the Zen to Done blog. Productive! Magazine [via Lifehacker]

Still Getting Ready to Get Things Done

I’m a little over halfway through the month of getting things done and so far things seem to be going okay. I’ve been looking at the way I currently get things done and I’ve realized that it’s not the most efficient system I could be using, but that’s a topic for another post. On Wednesday, […]

Time to Declutter, Organize, and Get Things Done

I hate clutter. Nothing seems to get me agitated more than clutter. However, over the past few months I have noticed that I have made several little stacks of stuff that I come to call my “organized clutter”. It seems that I’ve been so busy that I’ve began to put stuff into little piles. I’ve […]