Geocaching Log Sheets

Retro Phone Handset from Exact Target

  I received this cool retro phone handset from Exact Target in the mail today. It plugs into a cell phone and you can talk retro style. You can hold it between your head and shoulder for hands-free use too. Thanks Exact Target for sending me this neat toy.

How to Extend Battery Life

For many people portable electronics are an indispensable part of their life and the link to the world around them. The battery is the lifeblood of portable devices–and without batteries, our favorite devices are useless. For this reason, and because they aren’t that cheap to replace–you should always try to extend the battery life of […]

I Won an iPod Nano at SMX Advanced 2008 from Click Forensics

During SMX Advanced 2008 in Seattle I entered a drawing for an iPod Nano from Click Forensics. Shortly after SMX, I got an email from Mike at Click Forensics saying that I won! A few days later I had a shiny new 4GB Apple iPod Nano. Thanks Click Forensics! Click Forensics is a leading provider […]

Kodak CX4300 Camera Needs Service E10 Error

I bought my Kodak EasyShare CX4300 digital camera several years ago and during that time it has been a fairly good camera. My only complaints until now are (1) the time it takes between when it is turned on and when it’s ready to take a picture and (2) the grainy digital zoom. It was […]

Kodak EasyShare All-in-One Printers

I think I’ve found my next printer. My Lexmark X83 has served me well, but it is aged and the print quality seems to be getting worse each time I change the cartridges. A replacement is needed and I think Kodak has just the printer I need. Kodak recently introduced a new line of Easyshare […]